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April Update

Hello Kinksters!

So I’m going to start doing a breakdown of each month, giving you the highlights of events, photoshoots and the general goings on in the life of this puppy pig. So without further ado:

Filming French Documentary on Pup Play.

At the beginning of the month, I headed off to London to Mr Puppy UK Headquarters a.k.a  Brock’s apartment to be filmed as part of a French documentary on Pup Play. A good assortment of pups arrived for an afternoon of fun, including Chip, his pup son Dizzy, Onyx, Hexcy and his handler, Rogue and of course the 1st Mr Puppy UK title holder; Spot and his handler Chris. Being filmed as a pup is an interesting experience because you are told to ignore the camera. If you’re a pup of course, you want to do the exact opposite of what you’ve been told and shove your snout right into the lense and give it a big wet lick!

We then headed out for walkies on the streets of London. I used to be quite nervous about what people thought about seeing me in my pup hood and gear but now I just love seeing the reactions and waving hello at the cars that slow down and the people walking past.

The film crew and presenter where very nice and respectful, the host in particular left saying that she wanted a human pup of her very own! Letting the mainstream in to see our Pup Play world is daunting, particularly when the finished product of how we are perceived is left in the hands of someone else. However, it’s only by letting more and more people become accustomed to the idea of what is and what isn’t Pup Play that we can grow and become less closed off as a community. I’ll be sure to share the documentary link when it airs hopefully in June.


Alphatribe Magazine Interview.

So right from being the best social pup I can be for the film crew to dishing the T on the nasty, deviant sexual side of Pup Play in an interview I did with Alphatribe, along with Brock, Cody and PuppyBoy. To be fair, all four of us acknowledged that a lot of Pup Players keep their puppiness and sex lives separate but it was kind of refreshing for me to be able to talk so bluntly about the sexual aspects of pup play and that for me, it isn’t as a simple as sexual vs social but a sliding scale of what is acceptable for the situation and how I feel at the time. You can read the full article by following this link:



As the title might suggest, features guys who have no shame and quite confident… if not adamant in showing off their bodies and undergarments. So being the exhibitionist that I am, when I was contacted to do a week long feature, how could I resist? It was fun showing off my favourite underwear styles: briefs, jocks and even thongs which was nice to represent as it’s not every man’s taste. You can follow @guyswholiketo on twitter for more shameless showing off and go to for my 5 day feature.


Featured in FWL Guide

If you’ve picked up your copy of the Fetish Week London guide, you may have come across a very handsome chap in yellow briefs and braces telling you about why he loves getting down and dirty in the UK’s capital city every July. I also counted 4 other photos of me in the guide, it’s like playing Where’s Wally. Let me know if you spot all of me!


Manchester Rubber Weekend

When I was planning for this year as a title holder, this was one of the events that I knew I had to go. I had never been to Manchester before and if I could do it while also promoting the Mr Puppy brand while also spending the weekend in rubber, so much the better! Manchester is a beautiful city and I was very excited to explore Canal Street. I remember telling a friend that it reminded me of being in Berlin where sexuality is out in the open in shop windows and bars.

Together with my chauffeur… I mean kind man who let me ride shotgun with him rather than get a 8 hour train, James Oakleigh (@JamesOakleigh_X), we left Portsmouth Friday morning and arrived in Manchester lunchtime to meet up with some fellow kinksters.

I then met up with the gorgeous kitty and fellow massive appendage owner; Kit (@kitwildexxx) who was my gaurdian angel for letting me stay with him for the weekend. HUGE thank you to him and his fiancé James (@Vivienne_Lynsey), the only thing bigger than their dicks is their hearts… so you know they’re big!

I love wearing latex. Even the struggle of getting into a rubber suit is part of that thrill of anticipation and the rush of it snapping into place and feel of it encasing my skin. To be able to share that with a city that has embraced this community, celebrating its eighth anniversary of this weekend was an absolute delight.

Mr Puppy Europe 2017

Hello Kinksters,

So here we are, 5 months from my victory at the Mr Puppy UK competition and just over a month into my official reign, I find myself in Antwerp for Leather Pride Belgium and the Mr Puppy EU competition, pitting myself against Pups from all over Europe to choose the next title holder. Here’s my experience.

The Road to Europe

I’m going to be honest. I spent the 48 hours prior to the start of the contest as an absolute panicking mess. At 4.00 on Thursday when I was meant to be on the train to London, I was sat on the bottom step of my stairs, tears in my eyes because I felt everything going wrong. I couldn’t find my knee pads. I couldn’t print off my tickets. They had only sent me one set of tickets so my handler wouldn’t get into the event. Eventually, through the help of my boyfriend messaging from work and the Mr Puppy UK team, I was able to get my shit together, Pup the Fuck Up and get on the train.

Me and my travel buddy Rook (@RookieChris) departed England early Friday morning via Eurostar (not without panicking that I had left my wallet back at the flat we’d stayed the night at the second we check in… false alarm) and arrived in Antwerp at noon. No sooner had we checked into our room I was off to do a photoshoot with Dogs Bolloxx (@TDBkennel) & KinkUnit (@KinkUnit) at the Dark Lands venue (where I found a life size poster of me with my larger than life throbbing cock!) before slipping into my union jack thong and thigh highs for a little pre-competition party.

Day One: Opening Presentation, Puppy Mosh & Obstacle Course

Let me begin by saying that the two days of the Mr Puppy EU competition, for those taking part, organising or volunteering behind the scenes, are looooong days. We arrived at the venue for 1pm on the Saturday and 10am on the Sunday and we’re talking at least 6/8 hours competing before even thinking about each night’s party that could go on into the early hours of the morning. Needless to say that most of us by Sunday were drinking Redbull like water.

So upon arrival we were greeted by the Mr Puppy Europe team, the Judges and all 5 contestants met together for the first time:

Pup Bentley: Mr Puppy NL (@PupBentley, Insta: BentleyVanWoefs)

Pup Farex: Mr Puppy CH (@Farex_Pup)

Pup Makker (@PuppyMakker)

Pup Barka (

Pup Piglet: Mr Puppy UK (@MrPuppyUK2017, Insta: MrPuppyUK2017)

I’d like to just take a moment to say how amazing these puppers are. It takes a great amount of courage for anyone to get on stage and bare their soul for a panel of judges and an audience of spectators, and I am glad that even though it was a competition, we have all become friends through this experience together.

The first round was both the opening of the Darkland’s stage events, with host Ripper Moff (@RipperMoff) kicking things off in typical cabaret fashion, as well as our opening presentation introducing ourselves to the crowd. We were then hurried over to Camp K9 where the Pup Mosh would take place, where the judges would see how we played with other pups.

It was, in short, maddness.

Five pups eager for attention and desperate to impress the judges is one thing, add an extra dozen pups to the mix and I’ve been in actual club mosh pits that were less chaotic. At one point we all jumped into the ball pit where I almost drowned in balls… ha. Kudos to Sir Justin for jumping into the frey to get up close and personal during the frenzy.

After time was called, I had no idea how I had done. With Mr Puppy UK, I was able to show off different doggy play styles: ball rolling, fetch, tummy rubs, cuddling, etc and felt pretty confident after that I had shown the judges a good variety of pupness. Here I spent most of it just trying to stay alive!

Next was the Obstacle Course, which is a fan favourite at pup events, as each of us take a turn charging round the course, causing havoc and generally making as much mess as possible for the silly humans to tidy up for the next contestant… who then proceeds to destroy the course again!

Once that was finished, we deplugged (except Makker lol) and went to the Fetish Dinner where we gobbled down the fancy food and gulped down the free wine before returning back to our hotels for a quick refresh… clean out… and return for the night’s abundance of dancing, drinking and decadence.


Day 2: The Interviews and Freestyle Performance.

All too soon we were back bright and early for rehearsals for our freestyle talent segment of the day and our interviews with the judges:

Jamie: Mr Leather UK 2017 (@MrLeatherUK2017)

JV: Mr Rubber Spain 2017

Sir Justin: IPTC International Trainer 2014/15

Pup Kona: IPTC International Puppy 2015 (@Pup_Kona)

Pete “Brock”: Vice-Chair, Mr Puppy Europe Organising Committee (@PupBrock)

The interview portion of the competition is by far worth the most points, over half the total available and it’s understandable why. While the image of a Mr Puppy title winner can be that they are the best pup, really the role needs to go to the best man who can communicate and represent pup play proficiently. A pup might be the best there is at “playing fetch” and adorably AF but it’s no good if they are unable to speak with people and answer questions put to them by newbie pups, curious outsiders and of course those who will inevitably criticise them.

So I was called for my interview, banana still in hand from the brunch I was shoving down my gullet during the precious free time I had, and met with the judges in private where they in turn asked me questions, ranging from my experience as Mr Puppy UK so far, to my plans for the future, to seeing how I react when faced with confrontation. Honestly, the interview process threw me and spending the weeks after thinking how I could have better answered their questions was frustrating to say the least. The Mr Puppy UK interview had been, to me, a laid back and enjoyable affair that to answer each question at Mr Puppy Europe and just receive a stone cold, poker-face reaction was jarring, especially after having such a blast getting to know the judges and spending time with them over the course of the competition.

Next up, the Freestyle. Each pup is given free command of the stage, in front of a crowded audience to perform an act of their choosing. Can be anything at all, so long as it’s pup related. Before we got on stage however, MC Ripper Moff would not be denied another chance to shine on stage, performing with Mr Puppy UK 2015/16: Spot a Cruella DeVille number that is both incredible and hilarious and I hope there is a recording of it somewhere.

So we each took to the stage to perform our acts. As I said in my Mr Puppy UK competition article, the Freestyle segment is my favourite both as a participator and a viewer. I feel this part of the contest, more than any, is a true fusion of both the man and the pup. The man thinks of the idea and puts it all together but it is the pup on stage performing it, which is why I feel that here you really find out what kind of pup/person they are.

Needless to say, I thought everyone was fantastic. Farex performed an “Adopt Me” skit with his handler whilst a song he recorded played over, Barka showed off his phenomenal dance moves and Bentley showed he’s a sniffer dog by hunting down cuddly toys hidden by his handler (and done so to the music of Queen, what’s not to love!). Makker out of all of them surprised me the most; showing us the transformation process from boy to pup. It was a brave move to do something so calm but moving, revealing himself both physically and emotionally. This is why I love this part of the competition, I would never have thought to do something like that!

So, my turn on stage came. Just the story of an innocent pup who discovers a giant piano and is then in turn ravaged across it by an incredibly sexy assistant. I knew I wanted to do something that was both funny but clever at the same time, with the sexual element added to give it an edge that a stage like Darklands affords. Honestly, those 3 minutes on stage performing were the highlight of my weekend and the reaction from both the audience and the judges were the icing on top of that delicious cake. There have been one or two critiques from pups unhappy with me simulating sex on stage… the same stage that 20 minutes later a guy would be being fisted on during an actual sex show but you can’t please everyone. I’m happy with what I brought to the stage and the high I got from it was honestly bigger than when I won my medal.

Before we get to the medals, the 5 pups were tasked with selling raffle tickets to raise money for the We Are One Foundation which supports the community and helps fund the future Mr Puppy EU’s travels in order to spread the word of pupdom across the globe. Running around on your hands and knees for close to an hour and half asking for coin was a hard job but between the five of us we managed to raise just over 700 euro. Go us! It was also here that I ran into three lovely ladies, who had travelled from England just to see me compete. Holy hell, I’ve got groupies! This was another of those great moments from the trip and I hope I did them proud!

And the winner is…

So finally, after 2 looong days, it all came down to this. Farex, Bentley, Makker, Barka and myself where introduced onto the stage one last time to hear the results and crown the new Mr Puppy EU 2017. First to be announced: the 2nd runner up and Bronze medal.

“And it goes to… Pup Piglet!”

Do I wish I had won? Of course! But was I disappointed in 3rd place? Absolutely fucking not! I had done my best, had an amazing time doing so, made new friends for life from this shared experience and I was one perfectly proud piglet. Whoever won the crown would have my full support.

Next up was the runner up and Silver medal.

“And it goes to… Pup Bentley!”

This honestly gagged me as I was so sure that he was going to win. Throughout the competition I saw him be everything a Mr Puppy should be: confident, outgoing, approachable and knowledgeable about kink culture, it’s past and a clear vision of the future. Still, the same as me, he was more than happy taking home 2nd place and I know he will join me in helping Mr Puppy Europe. Speaking of which…

“The winner of Mr Puppy Europe goes to… PUP FAREX!!!”

In the end, Farex is the complete package and exactly who Mr Puppy Europe needs to be. Someone relatable, someone with a huge heart , someone who already dedicates their life to the pup community and someone who is brave enough to head out in public in head to toe rubber pub gear… not to mention his singing voice 😉 Farex has been so humble about his victory and I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the coming year, with the help of the UK and the rest of Europe behind him.

Well done Farex! Good boy!

And that brings us to the end of Mr Puppy Europe 2017. With the competition done we drank, danced and committed unspeakable debauched acts into the night… though you don’t want to hear about that.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part: Farex, Bentley, Makker and Barka, the judges, our fabulous MC Ripper Moff, Kitty Rony for making the entire ordeal run smoothly and the organisers of Leather Pride for hosting our event.

Till next time (which hopefully won’t be another essay!)

Take care.

Piglet x

Thank you also to Pup Bain (@Bainosaur) and www, (@gaydogtraining) for allowing me to use their photographs in this blog. 

INTERVIEW: SPOT – Mr Puppy UK 2015-16

Hello kinksters!

One of my ambitions this year is this website, where I hope to not only write about myself and my life but to explore the kinkdom and to delve into the wide and diverse realm; from the Pup Community and beyond!

On that note, as I begin my year as Mr Puppy UK, who better to talk to than the pup who’s huge paws I’m hoping to fill: Zentai Spot!


Piglet: Hello Spot! I am very excited to get the chance to chat with you. You were the UK’s very first Mr Puppy UK 2015 through 2016, the central focus of C4’s documentary and one of the principle faces of Pup Play across the world. How do you feel now that title has been passed over and your reign is over?

Spot: Now my reign has been passed over, I know that I already feel like I miss it. It was such a privilege to be the first Mr Puppy UK, and that I had a lot to do to get us as a community recognised in a safe and enjoyable way in the public. It hadn’t fully sunk in that my time was over until the formal hand-over at Pup-Out … I came away from there a little deflated and empty – I can’t quite explain why and it’s probably not an empty feeling I’ve got, but that’s the easiest way to put it into words. I know that I have passed on my title, nothing in me or my pup personality will change – I still intend to come to as many events as I can, I’ll still fight to try and get the community to work as one united front, and I will back you (as the current 2017 MrPUK title holder) in any way possible … You’re not getting rid of me that easily 😉

What were your favourite things you were able to do or accomplish as Mr Puppy UK?

My few most memorable experiences whilst holding the first ever MrPUK title was the C4 documentary, where I brought pup play into the living rooms of many households in the UK. The accomplishment of getting the 2 main players in the pup community who organise events to walk as one in London Pride – I know there was friction on the day, but all I wanted was one day where we became one and walked united, by all means organise the other events independently but just for the public front, let’s all be friends (even if it is through gritted teeth!). Antwerp was exciting and I was proud to represent the UK there and when I was being a pup I had so much fun meeting so many faces from different countries with the same interests.


Pup Play has exploded in popularity within the kink community, with fetish events making areas specifically for pups to play in; Recon hosted the first pup-centric event “Best in Show” during Full Fetish Week London and there are socials popping up all over the country. Why do you think Pup Play has skyrocketed the way it has in recent years?

In my simple opinion, the reason for pup play becoming very popular is simply that it’s a very in-expensive kink that anyone can try. It doesn’t require expensive leathers, or rubber to join in … as long as the mind is in the right place you need no gear to try pup-play. If you enjoy it then you needn’t buy expensive gear, as a collar and lead is readily available on the high-street. If you do then still have fun as a pup, there is a plethora of outlets that sell pup-play related gear and the choice is vast. This I think also help, since you can be as unique as you wish to be, and you are not limited in becoming the completely unique pup that you wish … there are rubber pups, lycra pups, jock-strap pups, nude pups to name a few. You can be any breed you like from collie dog to jack-russels through to Rottweiler’s, Labradors and Dalmatians … Males and Females, those yet un-decided through to those which are gay, straight or bisexual can be a pup  … The pup you can become is as unique as you’re fingerprint!!!


You competed in Mr Puppy Europe 2016 and brought home the Bronze for the UK (good boy!). How did you find the European competition differ from our own?

The European competition was far more sexual than I had ever expected to be shown publicly. Yes I know there is this whole debate about “social not sexual” – but equally there are still certain things you expect to ‘stay at home’. We all know that many kinks have a degree of a sexual nature to it, and I know that I am a mainly social pup, however that doesn’t stop Spot from having a small bit of sexual enjoyment out of being a pup … it many only be as simple as my pup name being used at play sessions but I totally was not expecting to see what happened in Europe. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I was shocked (I have seen many things on twitter and various websites), but I was surprised to see how much further our European counterparts will take pup play when in a public setting. The competition had many similarities to our UK one, but due to the nature of the venue and event it was far more risqué. The other main difference was that the public had a very large proportion of the say in who one through a voting system. This works on a country by country basis, but in a European competition of Mr Puppy Europe, it gave me a distinct dis-advantage, mainly since many of my UK pup friends were not there to vote for me 🙁 *whimpers* … I know that this aspect has been reviewed for future years, and so will bring the competition into a much fairer standing and less reliant on a ‘popularity contest’.

The second Mr Puppy UK competition was bigger and more ambitious than the first, made in no small part by the hard work put in by you and the rest of the Mr Puppy UK team. What advice do you have for those going to compete for the 2018 title, both for the competition itself and if the win the title… and will you be competing yourself? (winky face)

For anyone looking to compete at the end of 2017 to look to hold the title in 2018. I simply say, go for it! Be brave and you will go far. The competition is a whole lot of fun, and you just be you’re pup self. It’s not about how much you spend on gear, it’s not about who can set up the most events in the future. It’s not about a popularity contest. The whole thing is about being you! Being true to yourself. All you need is confidence and fun. Be the pup you are, not what you think others want you to be. The competitors going for the 2017 title were all strong and were true to themselves, it was no easy task scoring as each of you were unique.
Now, will I compete for the 2018 title, I haven’t thought that through yet, I’ve only just passed the title  – it’s not saying I won’t do it. I think it best to say watch this space, and ask me nearer the time!


Arguably the biggest impact you’ve had on the pup scene was the Channel 4 documentary “The Secret World of Human Puppies” in which you and other pups opened the door to the mainstream public to the very idea of pup play. Having viewed it, are you happy with the way the pup community was portrayed and what has been your experience with people’s reactions to it?

The documentary was very well done. The producers kept to their word on how it was going to be portrayed and for that I am very grateful. I know there were many topics they didn’t cover – the main one being the social/sexual aspect … believe me, they kept asking that question over and over again and I stuck to my answer “For me, my pup side is mainly social, but I know for other pups it has a sexual aspect” … but that never made it on air, simply because the producers didn’t want to cover that side. I feel that for a documentary shown on mainstream TV, not long after the 9pm watershed, they covered the pup-lifestyle very sensitively without mocking us. This was further helped when they did the ‘Gogglebox’ review, and the ‘viewers’ were surprised to start, but by the end were positively supporting us as a community, the comments they came out with were along the lines of ‘go on Spot, do it for Britian’ … Just think, that could have come out so much worse.
I also know that my ITV live TV appearance was controversial at that time in the morning, but I took the brave decision to show that I’m not a random ‘freak’ in a latex outfit hiding from the world … I took my hood off on live breakfast TV – that was a choice I had agreed to, I wanted to show that I am still a normal person under the gear. That was taken positively too 🙂
In the time following the TV, Magazines, Newspapers and Radio appearances’ I have had almost no direct negative come-back; in total from the public it was no more than a handful of messages – probably no more than a dozen … I know there were many comments in general, but if you look at the percentages of negatives to positives – then you could almost discount the bad comments as there were so few. … probably the most negativity came from within our community! That was purely down to the social/sexual debate, of which, once explained to those that it was not the producers intent to show the sexual aspect then nearly all understood and apologised 😉 *licks*

You have your owner Colin and you still have a close relationship with your ex. Has the thought of a puppy boyfriend or girlfriend crossed your mind?

Who knows what the future holds, I think and hope I’m in a lucky position. Time heals many things. I’m happy where I am currently in life, but I’m not ever going to say never ;).  Who knows, one thing is certain though – Spot will never leave me, and so who-ever and when-ever life changes, they have to accept that Spot is me, and I am Spot!


You have a very deep connection to Spot and your pup persona, more so than any other pup I’ve met. Was there a moment that solidified this relationship you have to Spot being more than just a headspace you achieve and the gear you wear?

Spot has been a part of me for a very long time, and he has grown stronger inside of me. My biggest moments of realisation to my connection as Spot (although I knew was a strong bond for many years) was caught on film, mainly as it was the first proper time I had ever stopped and saw who I had become. At events, you change into gear and just play – you don’t ask yourself who or what you are – you just play as a pup and have fun. When doing the documentary I had to stop and think as Tom, but whilst in pup gear and so what came out from this was:
I am Spot, or is Spot me! That sounds strange to say. Like the moment of realisation that I had in the mirror when filming the documentary – who is Spot? Spot is me! How do I feel as Spot? Happy, but so sad at the same time! Why sad? Because I want to hug Spot, as he is such a lovable pup, I see the happiness Spot brings to others, I can see why everyone wants to hug Spot and is happy around Spot… but I (as Tom) can’t hug me (as Spot), all I can do is look at Spot in a mirror or in a picture … you can’t hug a mirror or a picture 🙁

Sorry, that’s very  *sheds a tear of sadness* deep and philosophical. You other pups in the community get so much joy and courage from Spot – you can hug him and say thanks, you can give him head scratches and tummy rubs. Tom can’t do that to Spot since Spot is Tom and Tom is Spot. My hood is lifeless without me: an empty, sad, lifeless, quiet pup. When I turned that pup hood round to face me and all I saw were empty sad eye holes I realised that I need Spot and Spot needs me!
The day I did the mirror interview I spent over an hour in silence staring at myself, overjoyed at what I saw – Tom met Spot for the first time properly but was deeply saddened by not being able to hug physically – some of that made it to the documentary, and that was genuine from the heart talking. The part with my pup hood and looking into his eyes and saying Spot needs me and I need Spot was me talking from the heart – not because I’d been questioned 1000 times over … they were genuine comments.
There is so much that then cascaded around me in my head after those moments …. I broke down in floods of tears 3 days after the mirror interview, whilst I was watching a cartoon movie “The Snow Queen” due to a quote from it: “I sense a mirror, mirrors are quite a rarity these days. When you look into a mirror you believe you are seeing a perfect image of yourself. The moment you adjust the angle, even slightly perspective will change. That mirror reveals what your eyes cannot see. Hate and fear become exposed. Or perhaps kindness and warmth. ” – So meaningful to me!!!
After the pup hood filming, that same night I was a distraught wreck in the car on the way home! My pup-hood, lifeless in the back of the car, as if it was a dead puppy!!! The moment I got home, I *HAD* to take him out the box and keep Spot near by on-show, watching over me (or am I watching over Tom).
Sorry I ramble, but I had never realised how much and what Spot is to me and what I am to Spot. Words just don’t put into perspective how I feel about Spot, and how Spot feels about me. There is more of a bond there than I ever had thought or realised, and Tom can never leave Spot and Spot can never leave Tom – but they will never truly properly meet each other 🙁  *crys*.

Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to now you are free from the responsibilities of the title? Any future plans?

What to do now that the title has been passed on – nothing of Spot will change, I and still going to attend events and be there to support new-born pups, pups in crisis, pups who just need a friendly shoulder to cry on; I think part of that is with Spot being so distinctly recognisable.
I am not just going to draw a line under what I am and what I did for the community since my time as MrPUK, I will still continue being there – you’re not getting rid of me that easily – just look at 101 Dalmatians and what happened to Cruella-de-Ville!
Oh, and I guess I’ll also be there to support you as the MrPUK 2017 title holder. 😉 :-p *whistles innocently* *wags*
To be honest, I don’t think that I’m going to make any future plans, I’ll simply take each day as it comes and have fun!!! Life is far to short to be serious!

Thank you Spot for taking the time to chat with me and answer my questions!


  – Huge thanks to Spot for participating in this interview and for use of the photographs. You can keep up with Spot on his Twitter page: @ZentaiSpot and his blog –


January Update

Hello Kinksters!

Congratulations to those who survived 2016, you have made it to the next level. While 2016 was a tough one, both morally draining and intellectually questionable, 2017 is a blank slate and one that I’m optimistic in.

Coincidentally, this is also my year as title holder of Mr Puppy UK. I have a ton of New Year Resolutions, both personal and in regards to my title, but one of them is that I am aiming to make regular blog contributions to my website and to also attend as many pup/kink events across the UK and internationally. On that note, there are two events this month that I will be attending.

Pup Out: Title Handover


The Three Turns; Aldgate, East London.  EC3N 2ET.  

Jan Sat 14th: 1pm – 8.30pm.

Pup Out is a regular puppy meet up held at The Three Turns but will be my first time attending for the official title handover of Mr Puppy UK from the current Pupper-in-Chief; Spot (@zentaispot) to myself. It looks to be a good turn out as this is a big day for both us – the day the madness ends for him and my madness just begins!

There is a large, matted play area, filled with dog toys for pups to enjoy, with also treats, a ball pit and raffle to be enjoyed. Later on we will be heading out for “walkies” to take in London’s scenery and do a little sight seeing,

For more details:

Pouncing Paws


The Talking Heads; Southampton; SO15 2BN. 

Jan 15th: 3pm -10.30pm

2017 will see an abundance of new Pup events springing up across the country and the first one of the year I’ll be attending is Pouncing Paws in Southampton, hosted by Pup Havoc (@PupHavoc). This is a great chance for the pups of the south in the Hampshire area for whom regularly travelling to London for pup socials isn’t optimal. Being a Portsmouth Pup myself I am very eager for the success of this event and can definitely see it becoming my Sunday getaway.  Again there will be a Puppy Raffle (Pups sure love their swag!). No dress code although protective gear such as knee and elbow pads are advised. Though might I just say here that it doesn’t matter if all you have is a collar or no gear at all, everyone is welcome to join. Who knows, attending an event might be the push to buy that puppy hood you’ve been eyeing up 😉

For more details:

So there you go, that’s my first month laid out. If you have an event in the upcoming year that you’d like me to attend or give a shout out to, please contact me on twitter: @PupPiglet. Next month is going to be insanely busy with events, the Mr Puppy Europe competition in Antwerp and MY BIRTHDAY!

Till next time!

Piglet x

Mr Puppy UK 2017

Hello Kinksters, sorry it’s been a while. It’s been a mad few weeks and I’m sure you can guess why. Last month saw the Mr Puppy UK 2017 competition, where 7 pups from all across the country came to Birmingham to show their stuff and make their case for why they should be the next Mr Puppy UK. I was one of them and what follows is my experience of what happened there.


The Run Up to the Competition.

After winning the top prize in Fetish Week London: Best in Show, I had several guys approach me over the course of the rest of the week and say I should go for Mr Puppy UK and, still riding the high from my win, said yes of course… but as the deadline grew closer, the demands and responsibility of what I was getting myself into hit me like a sledgehammer.

On the one hand, this is something I really wanted to do and love doing: entertaining and competing. Every step of the preparation; arranging accommodation for visiting a new city,  rehearsing my talent show performance, choosing what gear and outfit to wear, all of that gave me such a rush.

Of course is there is that dreaded other hand. At the time of writing this I have yet to post any pics or vids with my face or use my real name. This has always been due to the nature of my work where it would be better for me not to have identifiable NSFW pics floating round the internet.

I’m also, despite my exhibitionist streak and personality, not as publicly open about being a pup as others. Some pups go out in pup gear, are open to friends and family and have no fear about it. Becoming Mr Puppy UK would mean I’d have to leave my safe space behind a laptop and kink events and venture out in the real world and potentially have my non-fetish friends, my work and family learn about the side of me I’ve kept locked in a dungeon.

It was a dilemma. Thoughts crossed my mind of hoping to come second or abdicating if I won. I talked to many people including my boyfriend and friends who had competed last year. I even had amazing talks with Buster who would be competing along side/against me but he, along with everyone else, convinced me to stay and go for the gold.

Pup Social: The Competition.


I arrived in Birmingham the night before, staying with a friend who graciously shared his doggy bed with me that weekend (Thank you @ChrisRookie). We joined other pups who had taken over the local gay bar Eden and had a chilled night before the long day on Saturday. And I do mean looooong. For the event organisers and those competing, the day started at 10am and finished deep into the night.

The actual competition began at Boltz that afternoon; presented by The Mr Puppy UK team, Pup Social and hosted by her holiness, Sister Jacqui Moff. The club was filled with Pups, Handlers, Fetish royalty in the former of the judges (more on them in abit) and the 7 pups who would be competing for the title:

Me! (@PupPiglet)

Buster (@BirminghamPup)

Electro (@BetaWolfAD)

Dash (@PupDapper)

Nox (@NoxArcanine)

Wolfy (@PupWolfy)


Something that was made very clear from the beginning and I think is important to repeat here is that every single pup who competed, no matter where they placed or if they even competed, is a winner. There’s a drag queen expression that it takes huge balls to go out in heels and a dress and so goes the same to any pup who goes out in a collar or tail is a hero to me. The pups who competed or won are in no way “better pups” but it does take large, plentiful, metaphorical  testicles to stand up in front of your peers and feel that exhilarated but vulnerable. The six other canines, who I’m so pleased I got to know and become friends with, certainly possess them.


Round 1: Introductory Speech.

So the contest begins with each pup being given the opportunity to introduce themselves, say why they are competing, why they should  be Mr Puppy UK and what they would do for the community with the title… in 60 seconds and in front of a club filled with people. The two speeches that stick to my mind are Buster’s, who has a clear vision and the drive to bring his goals to fruition, and Wolfy’s who said he was there to represent the pups who don’t adhere to the generalised puppy image of a skinny, smooth twink and that this is a community that accepts and represents everyone.

My turn comes up and I break the ice by acknowledging that the majority of the room probably recognises me by cock, tits and butt more than my face from my Twitter account. And then… I honestly don’t remember. Something along the lines of wanting to reach out to the pups living in towns that don’t have a huge pup or lgbt+ presence but beyond that it’s an icy glaze. I do remember ending on the word “Family” so go me getting in that buzzword during my brain freeze.

Round 2: Agility.

After the introductions, we were allowed down time to relax and socialise while the course was set up. Unlike FWL: Best in Show, we were not permitted to see the course before we were expected to navigate the trial of toys, hoops to jump through, poles to vault over and so on. We were also not permitted to view each others run of the course, meaning that there was no “Fuck! That bastard stole the thing I was going to do!” inner turmoil.

Every pup is different so each competitor took a different approach to the  course. There was no time limit and no set route. My strategy was to show my cheeky and mischievous Piglet self; stealing toys, wrecking the assault course, the good stuff. Managed to tear a hole in the knee of my rubber chaps along the way but I was happy with my performance. Afterwards I learned from audience members that mine was the most “energetic” of the runs, so I had that going for me.

Round 3: Puppy Mosh


Next on the agenda got all the pups in the club to join us in the play space for some good old fashion pup play. It was a chance for the judges to see us in our natural habitat. I think at first a lot of us competing felt like we had to amp up our pupness to get noticed and awarded points: play with a ball, tug of war, grab a squeaky toy, whatever but after a while it calmed down into cuddle pits and the odd game of pass the ball. I myself found myself in the armpits of a couple of sexy pups for the majority of this round.

Round 4: the Interview

Right, now the most important round which was worth half the whole potential points: a solo private interview with the judges:

Mr Leather Europe: Joe King (@JoeKingMrLUK)

Mr Hoist Rubber: Rob (@UKRBBR2014)

Mr Leather West: David Brown (@MrLeatherWest)

Head of the Mr Puppy UK team: Brock (@PupBrock)

Current Mr Puppy UK: Spot (@ZentaiSpot)

I feel the interview might have been my strongest round (I could be completely wrong as I have not been privy to the scores of the competition). I was honest with my answers about why I thought I should be Mr Puppy UK, highlighting my strengths but also the weaknesses that I am working to overcome. To be honest I felt very relaxed talking to these men, making the odd joke here and there, feeling less like a job interview (which essentially it was) and more of a friendly chat and discussion about my pup life and what direction I see the community going. I left feeling good about myself.


Round 5: Performance

Now this was the moment I was waiting for all evening, the Pup Talent Show! Only the top 5 scoring pups would get through to this round but Nox and Geo, though no longer vying for the title, would progress to the bonus round later. So Buster, Electro, Dash, Scamp and myself progressed to the Performance round.

For me, a pup performance should take something quintessentially pup and then expand it into something entertaining. I wanted my performance to reflect my pup persona which I feel is sexy, funny and dumb in a smart way. My stunningly beautiful handler for the evening Andy (@AndyRed) pulled a jock out of his trousers, allowed me to get its scent (oink!) and then hid it in the audience while I closed my eyes and wagged my tail to the music (Cheap Thrills – Sia. Good choice). I of course had been told beforehand who would have the jock but I got the chance to cause much chaos pretending to follow the scent, ploughing through the audience before I found my prize and returned the garment to its owner. Unfortunately once again I let my pup side go too wild and earned a rip in the other knee of my rubber chaps. Luckily my knee pads covered the tears till the end of the night!

My two favourite performances were Electro, who like I said, took something pup (playing with balls) and turned it into a juggling act, and Dash who began speed making a rope harness on his sexy assistant. I’ll admit, at first I was thinking, “it’s cool but it’s not really pup”. That is until it was revealed to be a dog harness with a leash attached and I gagged. How awesome!

Sister Jacqui Moff of the Helping Hand- Hostess with the Mostest


It would be criminal of me not to highlight the amazing job Jacqui Moff of the Manchester Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence did hosting the event and providing entertainment between rounds. From organising a puppy choir to a special performance with dognapper Kitty (@kittyrony) and a very naked Spot, Jacqui made sure the evening was filled with laughter, sickening looks and that all the contestants were cared for and at ease.

And the winner is….

If you’ve read this far, thank you very much. Not all my blog posts will be essay in length but there was a lot to get through. Time to name the victorious pups. Congratulations to all who took part!

The title of Pup Congeniality was voted by the audience over the course of the event, with the winner being:

Dash – Pup Congeniality

Next up were the runners up to the title:

Buster: 2nd Runner Up

Electro: Runner Up

Then it was time to announce the new title holder for Mr Puppy UK 2017. Even though I had both Dash and Buster on either side of me saying “You’ve got this. It’s you.” I didn’t believe it. Until the words were said, I still didn’t think the reality was real.

Piglet: Mr Puppy UK 2017

Yup, it’s me. The next ambassador for the Pup Community  and the UK’s entry into Mr Puppy Europe 2017 in Antwerp next year. I didn’t get the chance to make a speech there but I would just like to say here that I am extremely honoured to have been chosen, am extremely proud of the work I put into achieving this as well as the people who helped me get here and that, despite my earlier fears, I am now 100% sure I had made the right decision competing.


So there you have it. Mr Puppy UK 16/17 competition come and gone, next up Mr Puppy Europe to prepare for and a ton of events, both fun and charitable, to plan. Thank you so much for reading to the end, hope to post regular content for my website so watch this space. Please comment and share!

Till next time.



Photos by Mike Garnett

Welcome to the Pig Sty

Hello to the Kinksters,  the curious and the incredibly lost & naive,

So after 3 years of building up a successful follower base on Twitter, I’ve decided to branch out and expand, culminating in my very own website!

For those of you who are blissfully unaware, my name is Piglet. I’m an active member of the kink community with many, maaaany perverted interests and sexual desires – most notably BDSM and Pup Play.

I’m starting this website to blog about my experiences in BDSM culture, talk & analyse topics that relate to the subculture and yes, post the occasional dirty photo or video.

That should be a good enough start. More to come. Till then, stay dirty  😉

Piglet x