April Update

Hello Kinksters!

So I’m going to start doing a breakdown of each month, giving you the highlights of events, photoshoots and the general goings on in the life of this puppy pig. So without further ado:

Filming French Documentary on Pup Play.

At the beginning of the month, I headed off to London to Mr Puppy UK Headquarters a.k.a  Brock’s apartment to be filmed as part of a French documentary on Pup Play. A good assortment of pups arrived for an afternoon of fun, including Chip, his pup son Dizzy, Onyx, Hexcy and his handler, Rogue and of course the 1st Mr Puppy UK title holder; Spot and his handler Chris. Being filmed as a pup is an interesting experience because you are told to ignore the camera. If you’re a pup of course, you want to do the exact opposite of what you’ve been told and shove your snout right into the lense and give it a big wet lick!

We then headed out for walkies on the streets of London. I used to be quite nervous about what people thought about seeing me in my pup hood and gear but now I just love seeing the reactions and waving hello at the cars that slow down and the people walking past.

The film crew and presenter where very nice and respectful, the host in particular left saying that she wanted a human pup of her very own! Letting the mainstream in to see our Pup Play world is daunting, particularly when the finished product of how we are perceived is left in the hands of someone else. However, it’s only by letting more and more people become accustomed to the idea of what is and what isn’t Pup Play that we can grow and become less closed off as a community. I’ll be sure to share the documentary link when it airs hopefully in June.


Alphatribe Magazine Interview.

So right from being the best social pup I can be for the film crew to dishing the T on the nasty, deviant sexual side of Pup Play in an interview I did with Alphatribe, along with Brock, Cody and PuppyBoy. To be fair, all four of us acknowledged that a lot of Pup Players keep their puppiness and sex lives separate but it was kind of refreshing for me to be able to talk so bluntly about the sexual aspects of pup play and that for me, it isn’t as a simple as sexual vs social but a sliding scale of what is acceptable for the situation and how I feel at the time. You can read the full article by following this link: http://www2.alphatribe.com/issue4.html



As the title might suggest, guyswholiketoshowoff.blogspot.co.uk features guys who have no shame and quite confident… if not adamant in showing off their bodies and undergarments. So being the exhibitionist that I am, when I was contacted to do a week long feature, how could I resist? It was fun showing off my favourite underwear styles: briefs, jocks and even thongs which was nice to represent as it’s not every man’s taste. You can follow @guyswholiketo on twitter for more shameless showing off and go to guyswholiketoshowoff.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/Piglet for my 5 day feature.


Featured in FWL Guide

If you’ve picked up your copy of the Fetish Week London guide, you may have come across a very handsome chap in yellow briefs and braces telling you about why he loves getting down and dirty in the UK’s capital city every July. I also counted 4 other photos of me in the guide, it’s like playing Where’s Wally. Let me know if you spot all of me!


Manchester Rubber Weekend

When I was planning for this year as a title holder, this was one of the events that I knew I had to go. I had never been to Manchester before and if I could do it while also promoting the Mr Puppy brand while also spending the weekend in rubber, so much the better! Manchester is a beautiful city and I was very excited to explore Canal Street. I remember telling a friend that it reminded me of being in Berlin where sexuality is out in the open in shop windows and bars.

Together with my chauffeur… I mean kind man who let me ride shotgun with him rather than get a 8 hour train, James Oakleigh (@JamesOakleigh_X), we left Portsmouth Friday morning and arrived in Manchester lunchtime to meet up with some fellow kinksters.

I then met up with the gorgeous kitty and fellow massive appendage owner; Kit (@kitwildexxx) who was my gaurdian angel for letting me stay with him for the weekend. HUGE thank you to him and his fiancé James (@Vivienne_Lynsey), the only thing bigger than their dicks is their hearts… so you know they’re big!

I love wearing latex. Even the struggle of getting into a rubber suit is part of that thrill of anticipation and the rush of it snapping into place and feel of it encasing my skin. To be able to share that with a city that has embraced this community, celebrating its eighth anniversary of this weekend was an absolute delight.