Mr Puppy Europe 2017

Hello Kinksters,

So here we are, 5 months from my victory at the Mr Puppy UK competition and just over a month into my official reign, I find myself in Antwerp for Leather Pride Belgium and the Mr Puppy EU competition, pitting myself against Pups from all over Europe to choose the next title holder. Here’s my experience.

The Road to Europe

I’m going to be honest. I spent the 48 hours prior to the start of the contest as an absolute panicking mess. At 4.00 on Thursday when I was meant to be on the train to London, I was sat on the bottom step of my stairs, tears in my eyes because I felt everything going wrong. I couldn’t find my knee pads. I couldn’t print off my tickets. They had only sent me one set of tickets so my handler wouldn’t get into the event. Eventually, through the help of my boyfriend messaging from work and the Mr Puppy UK team, I was able to get my shit together, Pup the Fuck Up and get on the train.

Me and my travel buddy Rook (@RookieChris) departed England early Friday morning via Eurostar (not without panicking that I had left my wallet back at the flat we’d stayed the night at the second we check in… false alarm) and arrived in Antwerp at noon. No sooner had we checked into our room I was off to do a photoshoot with Dogs Bolloxx (@TDBkennel) & KinkUnit (@KinkUnit) at the Dark Lands venue (where I found a life size poster of me with my larger than life throbbing cock!) before slipping into my union jack thong and thigh highs for a little pre-competition party.

Day One: Opening Presentation, Puppy Mosh & Obstacle Course

Let me begin by saying that the two days of the Mr Puppy EU competition, for those taking part, organising or volunteering behind the scenes, are looooong days. We arrived at the venue for 1pm on the Saturday and 10am on the Sunday and we’re talking at least 6/8 hours competing before even thinking about each night’s party that could go on into the early hours of the morning. Needless to say that most of us by Sunday were drinking Redbull like water.

So upon arrival we were greeted by the Mr Puppy Europe team, the Judges and all 5 contestants met together for the first time:

Pup Bentley: Mr Puppy NL (@PupBentley, Insta: BentleyVanWoefs)

Pup Farex: Mr Puppy CH (@Farex_Pup)

Pup Makker (@PuppyMakker)

Pup Barka (

Pup Piglet: Mr Puppy UK (@MrPuppyUK2017, Insta: MrPuppyUK2017)

I’d like to just take a moment to say how amazing these puppers are. It takes a great amount of courage for anyone to get on stage and bare their soul for a panel of judges and an audience of spectators, and I am glad that even though it was a competition, we have all become friends through this experience together.

The first round was both the opening of the Darkland’s stage events, with host Ripper Moff (@RipperMoff) kicking things off in typical cabaret fashion, as well as our opening presentation introducing ourselves to the crowd. We were then hurried over to Camp K9 where the Pup Mosh would take place, where the judges would see how we played with other pups.

It was, in short, maddness.

Five pups eager for attention and desperate to impress the judges is one thing, add an extra dozen pups to the mix and I’ve been in actual club mosh pits that were less chaotic. At one point we all jumped into the ball pit where I almost drowned in balls… ha. Kudos to Sir Justin for jumping into the frey to get up close and personal during the frenzy.

After time was called, I had no idea how I had done. With Mr Puppy UK, I was able to show off different doggy play styles: ball rolling, fetch, tummy rubs, cuddling, etc and felt pretty confident after that I had shown the judges a good variety of pupness. Here I spent most of it just trying to stay alive!

Next was the Obstacle Course, which is a fan favourite at pup events, as each of us take a turn charging round the course, causing havoc and generally making as much mess as possible for the silly humans to tidy up for the next contestant… who then proceeds to destroy the course again!

Once that was finished, we deplugged (except Makker lol) and went to the Fetish Dinner where we gobbled down the fancy food and gulped down the free wine before returning back to our hotels for a quick refresh… clean out… and return for the night’s abundance of dancing, drinking and decadence.


Day 2: The Interviews and Freestyle Performance.

All too soon we were back bright and early for rehearsals for our freestyle talent segment of the day and our interviews with the judges:

Jamie: Mr Leather UK 2017 (@MrLeatherUK2017)

JV: Mr Rubber Spain 2017

Sir Justin: IPTC International Trainer 2014/15

Pup Kona: IPTC International Puppy 2015 (@Pup_Kona)

Pete “Brock”: Vice-Chair, Mr Puppy Europe Organising Committee (@PupBrock)

The interview portion of the competition is by far worth the most points, over half the total available and it’s understandable why. While the image of a Mr Puppy title winner can be that they are the best pup, really the role needs to go to the best man who can communicate and represent pup play proficiently. A pup might be the best there is at “playing fetch” and adorably AF but it’s no good if they are unable to speak with people and answer questions put to them by newbie pups, curious outsiders and of course those who will inevitably criticise them.

So I was called for my interview, banana still in hand from the brunch I was shoving down my gullet during the precious free time I had, and met with the judges in private where they in turn asked me questions, ranging from my experience as Mr Puppy UK so far, to my plans for the future, to seeing how I react when faced with confrontation. Honestly, the interview process threw me and spending the weeks after thinking how I could have better answered their questions was frustrating to say the least. The Mr Puppy UK interview had been, to me, a laid back and enjoyable affair that to answer each question at Mr Puppy Europe and just receive a stone cold, poker-face reaction was jarring, especially after having such a blast getting to know the judges and spending time with them over the course of the competition.

Next up, the Freestyle. Each pup is given free command of the stage, in front of a crowded audience to perform an act of their choosing. Can be anything at all, so long as it’s pup related. Before we got on stage however, MC Ripper Moff would not be denied another chance to shine on stage, performing with Mr Puppy UK 2015/16: Spot a Cruella DeVille number that is both incredible and hilarious and I hope there is a recording of it somewhere.

So we each took to the stage to perform our acts. As I said in my Mr Puppy UK competition article, the Freestyle segment is my favourite both as a participator and a viewer. I feel this part of the contest, more than any, is a true fusion of both the man and the pup. The man thinks of the idea and puts it all together but it is the pup on stage performing it, which is why I feel that here you really find out what kind of pup/person they are.

Needless to say, I thought everyone was fantastic. Farex performed an “Adopt Me” skit with his handler whilst a song he recorded played over, Barka showed off his phenomenal dance moves and Bentley showed he’s a sniffer dog by hunting down cuddly toys hidden by his handler (and done so to the music of Queen, what’s not to love!). Makker out of all of them surprised me the most; showing us the transformation process from boy to pup. It was a brave move to do something so calm but moving, revealing himself both physically and emotionally. This is why I love this part of the competition, I would never have thought to do something like that!

So, my turn on stage came. Just the story of an innocent pup who discovers a giant piano and is then in turn ravaged across it by an incredibly sexy assistant. I knew I wanted to do something that was both funny but clever at the same time, with the sexual element added to give it an edge that a stage like Darklands affords. Honestly, those 3 minutes on stage performing were the highlight of my weekend and the reaction from both the audience and the judges were the icing on top of that delicious cake. There have been one or two critiques from pups unhappy with me simulating sex on stage… the same stage that 20 minutes later a guy would be being fisted on during an actual sex show but you can’t please everyone. I’m happy with what I brought to the stage and the high I got from it was honestly bigger than when I won my medal.

Before we get to the medals, the 5 pups were tasked with selling raffle tickets to raise money for the We Are One Foundation which supports the community and helps fund the future Mr Puppy EU’s travels in order to spread the word of pupdom across the globe. Running around on your hands and knees for close to an hour and half asking for coin was a hard job but between the five of us we managed to raise just over 700 euro. Go us! It was also here that I ran into three lovely ladies, who had travelled from England just to see me compete. Holy hell, I’ve got groupies! This was another of those great moments from the trip and I hope I did them proud!

And the winner is…

So finally, after 2 looong days, it all came down to this. Farex, Bentley, Makker, Barka and myself where introduced onto the stage one last time to hear the results and crown the new Mr Puppy EU 2017. First to be announced: the 2nd runner up and Bronze medal.

“And it goes to… Pup Piglet!”

Do I wish I had won? Of course! But was I disappointed in 3rd place? Absolutely fucking not! I had done my best, had an amazing time doing so, made new friends for life from this shared experience and I was one perfectly proud piglet. Whoever won the crown would have my full support.

Next up was the runner up and Silver medal.

“And it goes to… Pup Bentley!”

This honestly gagged me as I was so sure that he was going to win. Throughout the competition I saw him be everything a Mr Puppy should be: confident, outgoing, approachable and knowledgeable about kink culture, it’s past and a clear vision of the future. Still, the same as me, he was more than happy taking home 2nd place and I know he will join me in helping Mr Puppy Europe. Speaking of which…

“The winner of Mr Puppy Europe goes to… PUP FAREX!!!”

In the end, Farex is the complete package and exactly who Mr Puppy Europe needs to be. Someone relatable, someone with a huge heart , someone who already dedicates their life to the pup community and someone who is brave enough to head out in public in head to toe rubber pub gear… not to mention his singing voice 😉 Farex has been so humble about his victory and I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the coming year, with the help of the UK and the rest of Europe behind him.

Well done Farex! Good boy!

And that brings us to the end of Mr Puppy Europe 2017. With the competition done we drank, danced and committed unspeakable debauched acts into the night… though you don’t want to hear about that.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part: Farex, Bentley, Makker and Barka, the judges, our fabulous MC Ripper Moff, Kitty Rony for making the entire ordeal run smoothly and the organisers of Leather Pride for hosting our event.

Till next time (which hopefully won’t be another essay!)

Take care.

Piglet x

Thank you also to Pup Bain (@Bainosaur) and www, (@gaydogtraining) for allowing me to use their photographs in this blog.