January Update

Hello Kinksters!

Congratulations to those who survived 2016, you have made it to the next level. While 2016 was a tough one, both morally draining and intellectually questionable, 2017 is a blank slate and one that I’m optimistic in.

Coincidentally, this is also my year as title holder of Mr Puppy UK. I have a ton of New Year Resolutions, both personal and in regards to my title, but one of them is that I am aiming to make regular blog contributions to my website and to also attend as many pup/kink events across the UK and internationally. On that note, there are two events this month that I will be attending.

Pup Out: Title Handover


The Three Turns; Aldgate, East London.  EC3N 2ET.  

Jan Sat 14th: 1pm – 8.30pm.

Pup Out is a regular puppy meet up held at The Three Turns but will be my first time attending for the official title handover of Mr Puppy UK from the current Pupper-in-Chief; Spot (@zentaispot) to myself. It looks to be a good turn out as this is a big day for both us – the day the madness ends for him and my madness just begins!

There is a large, matted play area, filled with dog toys for pups to enjoy, with also treats, a ball pit and raffle to be enjoyed. Later on we will be heading out for “walkies” to take in London’s scenery and do a little sight seeing,

For more details: https://www.puppypride.co.uk/events/215/pup-out-at-the-three-tuns

Pouncing Paws


The Talking Heads; Southampton; SO15 2BN. 

Jan 15th: 3pm -10.30pm

2017 will see an abundance of new Pup events springing up across the country and the first one of the year I’ll be attending is Pouncing Paws in Southampton, hosted by Pup Havoc (@PupHavoc). This is a great chance for the pups of the south in the Hampshire area for whom regularly travelling to London for pup socials isn’t optimal. Being a Portsmouth Pup myself I am very eager for the success of this event and can definitely see it becoming my Sunday getaway.  Again there will be a Puppy Raffle (Pups sure love their swag!). No dress code although protective gear such as knee and elbow pads are advised. Though might I just say here that it doesn’t matter if all you have is a collar or no gear at all, everyone is welcome to join. Who knows, attending an event might be the push to buy that puppy hood you’ve been eyeing up 😉

For more details:


So there you go, that’s my first month laid out. If you have an event in the upcoming year that you’d like me to attend or give a shout out to, please contact me on twitter: @PupPiglet. Next month is going to be insanely busy with events, the Mr Puppy Europe competition in Antwerp and MY BIRTHDAY!

Till next time!

Piglet x