Mr Puppy UK 2017

Hello Kinksters, sorry it’s been a while. It’s been a mad few weeks and I’m sure you can guess why. Last month saw the Mr Puppy UK 2017 competition, where 7 pups from all across the country came to Birmingham to show their stuff and make their case for why they should be the next Mr Puppy UK. I was one of them and what follows is my experience of what happened there.


The Run Up to the Competition.

After winning the top prize in Fetish Week London: Best in Show, I had several guys approach me over the course of the rest of the week and say I should go for Mr Puppy UK and, still riding the high from my win, said yes of course… but as the deadline grew closer, the demands and responsibility of what I was getting myself into hit me like a sledgehammer.

On the one hand, this is something I really wanted to do and love doing: entertaining and competing. Every step of the preparation; arranging accommodation for visiting a new city,  rehearsing my talent show performance, choosing what gear and outfit to wear, all of that gave me such a rush.

Of course is there is that dreaded other hand. At the time of writing this I have yet to post any pics or vids with my face or use my real name. This has always been due to the nature of my work where it would be better for me not to have identifiable NSFW pics floating round the internet.

I’m also, despite my exhibitionist streak and personality, not as publicly open about being a pup as others. Some pups go out in pup gear, are open to friends and family and have no fear about it. Becoming Mr Puppy UK would mean I’d have to leave my safe space behind a laptop and kink events and venture out in the real world and potentially have my non-fetish friends, my work and family learn about the side of me I’ve kept locked in a dungeon.

It was a dilemma. Thoughts crossed my mind of hoping to come second or abdicating if I won. I talked to many people including my boyfriend and friends who had competed last year. I even had amazing talks with Buster who would be competing along side/against me but he, along with everyone else, convinced me to stay and go for the gold.

Pup Social: The Competition.


I arrived in Birmingham the night before, staying with a friend who graciously shared his doggy bed with me that weekend (Thank you @ChrisRookie). We joined other pups who had taken over the local gay bar Eden and had a chilled night before the long day on Saturday. And I do mean looooong. For the event organisers and those competing, the day started at 10am and finished deep into the night.

The actual competition began at Boltz that afternoon; presented by The Mr Puppy UK team, Pup Social and hosted by her holiness, Sister Jacqui Moff. The club was filled with Pups, Handlers, Fetish royalty in the former of the judges (more on them in abit) and the 7 pups who would be competing for the title:

Me! (@PupPiglet)

Buster (@BirminghamPup)

Electro (@BetaWolfAD)

Dash (@PupDapper)

Nox (@NoxArcanine)

Wolfy (@PupWolfy)


Something that was made very clear from the beginning and I think is important to repeat here is that every single pup who competed, no matter where they placed or if they even competed, is a winner. There’s a drag queen expression that it takes huge balls to go out in heels and a dress and so goes the same to any pup who goes out in a collar or tail is a hero to me. The pups who competed or won are in no way “better pups” but it does take large, plentiful, metaphorical  testicles to stand up in front of your peers and feel that exhilarated but vulnerable. The six other canines, who I’m so pleased I got to know and become friends with, certainly possess them.


Round 1: Introductory Speech.

So the contest begins with each pup being given the opportunity to introduce themselves, say why they are competing, why they should  be Mr Puppy UK and what they would do for the community with the title… in 60 seconds and in front of a club filled with people. The two speeches that stick to my mind are Buster’s, who has a clear vision and the drive to bring his goals to fruition, and Wolfy’s who said he was there to represent the pups who don’t adhere to the generalised puppy image of a skinny, smooth twink and that this is a community that accepts and represents everyone.

My turn comes up and I break the ice by acknowledging that the majority of the room probably recognises me by cock, tits and butt more than my face from my Twitter account. And then… I honestly don’t remember. Something along the lines of wanting to reach out to the pups living in towns that don’t have a huge pup or lgbt+ presence but beyond that it’s an icy glaze. I do remember ending on the word “Family” so go me getting in that buzzword during my brain freeze.

Round 2: Agility.

After the introductions, we were allowed down time to relax and socialise while the course was set up. Unlike FWL: Best in Show, we were not permitted to see the course before we were expected to navigate the trial of toys, hoops to jump through, poles to vault over and so on. We were also not permitted to view each others run of the course, meaning that there was no “Fuck! That bastard stole the thing I was going to do!” inner turmoil.

Every pup is different so each competitor took a different approach to the  course. There was no time limit and no set route. My strategy was to show my cheeky and mischievous Piglet self; stealing toys, wrecking the assault course, the good stuff. Managed to tear a hole in the knee of my rubber chaps along the way but I was happy with my performance. Afterwards I learned from audience members that mine was the most “energetic” of the runs, so I had that going for me.

Round 3: Puppy Mosh


Next on the agenda got all the pups in the club to join us in the play space for some good old fashion pup play. It was a chance for the judges to see us in our natural habitat. I think at first a lot of us competing felt like we had to amp up our pupness to get noticed and awarded points: play with a ball, tug of war, grab a squeaky toy, whatever but after a while it calmed down into cuddle pits and the odd game of pass the ball. I myself found myself in the armpits of a couple of sexy pups for the majority of this round.

Round 4: the Interview

Right, now the most important round which was worth half the whole potential points: a solo private interview with the judges:

Mr Leather Europe: Joe King (@JoeKingMrLUK)

Mr Hoist Rubber: Rob (@UKRBBR2014)

Mr Leather West: David Brown (@MrLeatherWest)

Head of the Mr Puppy UK team: Brock (@PupBrock)

Current Mr Puppy UK: Spot (@ZentaiSpot)

I feel the interview might have been my strongest round (I could be completely wrong as I have not been privy to the scores of the competition). I was honest with my answers about why I thought I should be Mr Puppy UK, highlighting my strengths but also the weaknesses that I am working to overcome. To be honest I felt very relaxed talking to these men, making the odd joke here and there, feeling less like a job interview (which essentially it was) and more of a friendly chat and discussion about my pup life and what direction I see the community going. I left feeling good about myself.


Round 5: Performance

Now this was the moment I was waiting for all evening, the Pup Talent Show! Only the top 5 scoring pups would get through to this round but Nox and Geo, though no longer vying for the title, would progress to the bonus round later. So Buster, Electro, Dash, Scamp and myself progressed to the Performance round.

For me, a pup performance should take something quintessentially pup and then expand it into something entertaining. I wanted my performance to reflect my pup persona which I feel is sexy, funny and dumb in a smart way. My stunningly beautiful handler for the evening Andy (@AndyRed) pulled a jock out of his trousers, allowed me to get its scent (oink!) and then hid it in the audience while I closed my eyes and wagged my tail to the music (Cheap Thrills – Sia. Good choice). I of course had been told beforehand who would have the jock but I got the chance to cause much chaos pretending to follow the scent, ploughing through the audience before I found my prize and returned the garment to its owner. Unfortunately once again I let my pup side go too wild and earned a rip in the other knee of my rubber chaps. Luckily my knee pads covered the tears till the end of the night!

My two favourite performances were Electro, who like I said, took something pup (playing with balls) and turned it into a juggling act, and Dash who began speed making a rope harness on his sexy assistant. I’ll admit, at first I was thinking, “it’s cool but it’s not really pup”. That is until it was revealed to be a dog harness with a leash attached and I gagged. How awesome!

Sister Jacqui Moff of the Helping Hand- Hostess with the Mostest


It would be criminal of me not to highlight the amazing job Jacqui Moff of the Manchester Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence did hosting the event and providing entertainment between rounds. From organising a puppy choir to a special performance with dognapper Kitty (@kittyrony) and a very naked Spot, Jacqui made sure the evening was filled with laughter, sickening looks and that all the contestants were cared for and at ease.

And the winner is….

If you’ve read this far, thank you very much. Not all my blog posts will be essay in length but there was a lot to get through. Time to name the victorious pups. Congratulations to all who took part!

The title of Pup Congeniality was voted by the audience over the course of the event, with the winner being:

Dash – Pup Congeniality

Next up were the runners up to the title:

Buster: 2nd Runner Up

Electro: Runner Up

Then it was time to announce the new title holder for Mr Puppy UK 2017. Even though I had both Dash and Buster on either side of me saying “You’ve got this. It’s you.” I didn’t believe it. Until the words were said, I still didn’t think the reality was real.

Piglet: Mr Puppy UK 2017

Yup, it’s me. The next ambassador for the Pup Community  and the UK’s entry into Mr Puppy Europe 2017 in Antwerp next year. I didn’t get the chance to make a speech there but I would just like to say here that I am extremely honoured to have been chosen, am extremely proud of the work I put into achieving this as well as the people who helped me get here and that, despite my earlier fears, I am now 100% sure I had made the right decision competing.


So there you have it. Mr Puppy UK 16/17 competition come and gone, next up Mr Puppy Europe to prepare for and a ton of events, both fun and charitable, to plan. Thank you so much for reading to the end, hope to post regular content for my website so watch this space. Please comment and share!

Till next time.



Photos by Mike Garnett